I prefer to meet the sitter, take a series of photographs and perhaps make some sketches which I will then use to complete the commissioned painting. It is also possible to work more extensively from life, if the sitter so wishes. Alternatively I can work purely from photographs supplied by the client, even without having met the sitter, in cases where this is desired or unavoidable. In such cases it is an advantage to be shown a variety of photographs. I am always willing to travel to the sitter.

A close likeness of the sitter is a hallmark of my work and I am able to paint either in an impressionistic manner (a la prima) or alternatively using a classical old master technique.

At the time of the initial sitting I discuss appropriate clothing, lighting, setting and other props with the sitter, who is then invited also to be involved in the selection of photos or sketches to be used. All paintings are oil on canvas, and the dimensions vary, depending on the requirements.
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Delivery will be arranged on completion of the portrait and I am happy to assist with framing advice should the client require it.

Prices are per person whether together or separate. Sizes are a guideline and can be adjusted.

    – Head & Shoulders (30" x 24"): $10 000.00

    – ¾ Length (40" x 32"): $15 000.00
       (up to and including hands)

    – Full-length (60" x 48"): $20 000.00

Current fees listed above are subject to change without notice. For fully developed background add 30%. Add 10% for each pet. A 40% deposit reserves a place on the waiting list and holds the current price. Shipping, crating and sales tax if applicable are included. Not included in price: framing.

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